How to get started making Roblox Games

by Sahaj_15Category: Development18 May, 2020

Have you ever wondered how to make Roblox games? If so, then don't worry. We have got you covered!

Why should I make Roblox games?

Well, one of the reasons is the profit you earn. There are several game developers who have made MILLIONS by just developing Roblox games, and it also earns you a lot of reputation! But besides all that, you find people that will enjoy and look up to you and your creations, seeing someone else more than satisfied with what you've made brings a good feeling about yourself.

What if I am not good enough at making games?

Don't worry. Every expert was once a beginner. If you start slow and steady, and you keep on practicing, you would surely become better at it. At least just give it a shot, and see how it goes, don't expect yourself to be the best or compare your skills to others. The development community is there to help you, not to throw you off-track.

Where can I start?

I would personally recommend you to start with the tutorials online. You have vast choices since Roblox is a pretty big platform. One of the YouTubers I would recommend you to check out is TheDevKing. He has posted a whole series on beginner scripting, and not only that, he has even covered advanced scripting, which a lot of YouTubers don't cover. Here is the link for his YouTube channel: Of course, the main resources should be the Roblox wiki, also known as DevHub, the wiki is contains everything you should and can learn, you can check it out here, and of course, Developer Forum, also known as the DevForum, you can check it out here DevForum should be used not just for asking for help if you tempt to struggle, but also to look at numerous tutorials and resources posted by community and staff there.

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