How to get started with Web Development

by Sahaj_15Category: Development21 May, 2020

Recently, I have been getting a lot of requests about how to get started with web development, and here is how I mastered it.

Front End vs Back End

If you starting to get into web development, you must have heard of two terms, "Front End", and "Back End". In brief, Front End languages refers to the code that gets executed in your browser, and it is something you can modify on your browser (but it won't affect other browsers, of course) and the code on the Back end gets executed ON the server. This is the part of the code you can't modify, and this can only be changed from the server itself. If you change the code in the backend, it would directly/indirectly affect everyone who visits your website.

The Basics: HTML & CSS

If you are not already familiar, the most basic language for web development is HTML. Technically HTML isn't a programming language, instead it is a Markup language. HTML plays a very crucial role in web development, since all you see on the internet is basically HTML, and even this page is made with HTML. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is basically the building block of a web page, and all that you see on websites is HTML, with some styling CSS: If you ask me, the second most crucial language in web development is CSS. CSS, which stands for Cascading Style Sheet helps you to design pages. Basically, if you write plain HTML, without any CSS, it would look pretty bad. CSS helps you to design your HTML to make it look good, and all beautiful web pages you see have a good amount of CSS. So basically, HTML + CSS = Good looking web page. As a quick recap, HTML is all the elements of your page, and CSS is the styling of those elements. So, where do I learn HTML and CSS!?!? There is a vast number of tutorials, but I personally started with a website called w3schools, and they have pretty good HTML and CSS courses. Here is the link to their website, so that you can check it out for yourself:


I've personally had a love-hate relationship with Javascript, but don't get me wrong, it is VERY useful. You can use it for a lot of purposes on the browser side. From making your web pages interactive to making Single Page Applications, Javascript is pretty useful. It even has various frameworks such as Angular, Vue.js, React (plus many more) which can really speed up your front end development. Personally, I would recommend you start with Vanilla JS and JQuery, and then slowly move onto more advanced frameworks, such as the ones I mentioned. To start with Vanilla JS, I would again personally recommend you to start with w3schools.

Back End

HTML, CSS and Javascript are all front end. There is a run time environment for Javascript called Node, which is backend in nature and many of the frameworks I mentioned have backend functions that rely on NodeJS. But other than frameworks that reply on Nodejs, you have many more options: PHP : PHP is a pretty common choice for new developers, since it is probably the most used language for Backend development. Personally, I would recommend you to learn PHP, and then a framework called Laravel, since Laravel comes with a lot of functionality out of the box, and not only that, it is way more easy to maintain your code since Laravel is built on Model View Controller architecture. Python: I would personally not use Vanilla Python for web development, but instead frameworks like Django and micro frameworks like Flask. Python is a pretty powerful language, and it very multi-purpose. I would recommend you to really learn Python. There are of course a lot of options for backend development, but these are the two I like the most. There are plenty of tutorials available online on all the languages I mentioned, and I wish you a very happy web development journey ;)

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