How To Make A Console Application

by MichaelEpicACategory: Tech12 June, 2020

First things first, You need to download Visual Studio from this link, (if you already have Visual Studio skip this step.) Once Visual Studio is done installing move on to the next step. Second, create a new project by clicking on the Create a new project button. Search for Console App in the search bar and use Console App (.NET Framework). and click Next. Finally, check the checkbox that says Place solution and project in the same directory. and call it whatever you want here then just click Create. Congrats, you should have Console.WriteLine("Hello World!"); in the coding space. If you click start it should open up and immediately close. The reason is it finishes running the code before you can even read the text. Write Thread.Sleep(5000); so that way it sleeps for 5 seconds before it closes. That line will look like this Easy fix. Hover over Thread and you should get this. Click the button that says show potential fixes. You will get a list of options, choose the one that says using System.Threading; The red line should go away and when you click start you should have a program that says Hello World for 5 seconds. Congrats! You made your first C# Application! Note: If you want an explanation of what System.Threading is, be on the lookout for my other tutorials that are not out yet.

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Thanks, I probably will just edit this until I move on to more topics other than console applications.



Thank you for showing us how to make a console application. If you like you can edit your post so in the future when you want to write on how to code you just edit your post.